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  • Servicing & pre-MOT Inspections

    Servicing on All makes of cars & vans. ROM Mechanical Specialists can take care of pre-MOT servicing and checks as well as annual car servicing as needed. We have experienced staff available to work on car repairs and many time served car mechanics.

  • Performance Economy Remappping

    ECO POWER TUNING & ECU REMAPPING. We Improve power and Economy. Our specialisation is reducing fuel consumption and increasing power output. Tailor build to your requirements a new set of parameters for your engine control that will increase power by up to 35% and give you the ability to improve fuel economy by 10%-20% depending on driving style. We have remapping available for many cars and vans: Phone for price and availability. All Remaps are TUV Approved. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed..

  • Bosch diagnostics

    We specialise in vehicle diagnostics for any make or model. From scan code read outs to full vehicle diagnostics, we have a range of advanced diagnostic and scope testing capabilities to interrogate you vehicles engine management system and identify the probable cause and fault code. Our Bosch trained technicians will quickly identify and eliminate your vehicles faults.

  • Clutches, Brakes, Suspension, Exhausts & Batteries

    whether it’s a gearbox, clutch, electrical or engine problem we are able to identify the cause, quote for the work, and get your vehicle safely back on the road as quickly as possible. All work is quoted for and carried out by qualified technicians, using the best quality parts.

  • Welding

    At ROMMS, our technicians have a specialist understanding of metalworking, and all our welding work is carried out with the highest regard for quality and safety.


Mechanical Specialists

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 08:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.
Closed Saturday and Sunday unless pre-arranged appointment